We’re Back!


After 4 years of wordpress not allowing me in to add posts, (and me not really having the time to worry about it!) I am back and raring to go! I am in the process of rebuilding my portfolio, and looking for models, so please, don’t hesitate to send me images (professional headshots please) of your tiny supermodels. I’m specifically interested in ages 16-22 right now, but will always take little. Send me an email with a headshot and info on when you would be available for a test shoot! Thanks!

Kaitlyn Seniors!

Fall is upon us, and you might think that because your school requires you to use a specific photographer to get into the yearbook, that you are required to do all of your senior portraits with them…NOT TRUE!!! Step outside of the box and find a photographer that will create a portfolio for you of images that move you, images that make you feel special, beautiful, and most of all, that images that reflect who you really are! Each location we choose is different, so nobody has the same backgrounds, nobody!
If you need hair and makeup, we can arrange for that. If you need help choosing clothing, let me know! It’s on, people! Let’s make 2012/13 an amazing year for Senior Portraits!
Here’s Kaitlyn’s debut… One of our ‘Model Portfolio’ senior sessions, and what an afternoon we had, as the sun began to set, Kaitlyn began to glow!
Hope to hear from you soon!

It’s that time of year again…

Summer is upon us, and though I absolutely cannot stand the southern steam that seeps into my pores, and makes my hair go every which way, i have to admit that the heat seems to make the summer goodies taste that much better.  Berries.  Tomatoes.  Salads.  It makes it okay, somehow.  I thought I’d capture some of it on camera this year, and throughout the summer, catalog the things that summer is known for.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.  Leave me a note if you do!  Would love to hear from any of you!




Every now and then, I get to let my hair down and really get down and dirty.  This shoot that i’m sharing with you today is one of those times.  From conception a year ago, to researching the location and the models, to sewing costumes, to coordinating the entire thing, I ADORE the results.  

Imagine a Dystopic society, one where children hide in tribes in the forest, and the Royally ruled government hunts them down.  Imagine a group of children that have banded together to protect eachother, to survive.  Here, I’ll help:  Hope you enjoy!



You just have to like Meat.


Let me preface this by saying, I am not a huge meat lover.  I mean, i can eat it.  I can’t cook it well, unless we’re talking hamburger helper or tacos, but i get by.  And don’t get me started on chicken, because i could tell you stories…  and yet, i’ve begun a love affair with a little place called Bibs.  

Bibs Downtown in Winston Salem, NC  is one of those stories people love to hear about.  Three friends, one an award winning PitMaster in his own right, got together and wanted a place.  You know the kind, the corner joint with great food and plenty of room for your friends to hang out.  Rob Moreau, already a small business owner with an accumen for the business side, is always poking his head around making sure everyone is taken care of.  And then there’s Mark, the meat guy.  With the ponytail and overalls.  One bite of his Pulled Pork eggrolls (yes i said eggrolls…) and you are in meat HEAVEN.  Even me.  The girl who could take it or leave it.  I find myself dreaming about the eggrolls, and the hushpuppies.  OH THE HUSHPUPPIES!Image

People ask how i like North Carolina, since my state of origin is California.  Well, if this is what North Carolina is about, then i’m all about it.  Ribs, Brisket, Chicken, killer bbq sauce, and an eggroll to knock your socks off…  it warrants a drive from almost anyplace in the state.  Take a ride.  kick your feet up.  Eat some meat.

a moment in time.


[slideshow]A little late getting these up, but Christmas is always hectic around here!  I wanted to work in the first ‘brothers’ photoshoot with Quinn and Simon.  I could cry, it turned out so perfect.  The boys were perfect for the 20 or so minutes it took before they gave up!  Actually, within about 5, Quinn was bored, and making silly faces, and shortly thereafter, Simon began crying.  But for that 5 minutes, that moment of time, they were perfect, loving, sweet brothers.  And that’s all i really wanted.  just that moment.

The 25 days of Cookies.

It has begun.  That frantic rush to ‘create’ things, particularly baked ‘things’, as an ode to the holidays.  Don’t know what peanut butter cookies have to do with the three wise men, but something, i’m sure.

Oh, and the white stuff sandwiched in between?  Marshmallow fluff.  Yup.  I’m getting fancy.  🙂

Party Planning 101

It’s always fun to work with new designers, and this shoot was no exception.  Party Planners from Jon David Designs were given the task of designing a baby shower on a budget, and did not disappoint.  So much fun, with all of the colors and beautiful food!