Tiana, part deux…

ImageTTiana (you remember her from this past summer) needed some edgier, more high fashion looks, for her comp card for Carolina Talent.  It’s always a pleasure to shoot new models, and know that they are going somewhere with their careers.  Tiana is so young, 16 to be exact, and shows such a maturity in front of the lens.




Can’t wait to see what the next year brings for her!!!


Simply Simon…

I have been hiding out lately, taking the time to spend with my family, and my newest addition, Simon.  Wanted to post a pic of this precious little creature today, before i get too busy in the coming weeks to do so.  Here is our newest love, and what a crazy month it has been!

So help me in welcoming little Simon Cooper Westmoreland.



Can you believe that Tiana is only 16 years old?  She had such pose and took such great direction for her first modeling session, I have absolutely no doubt that she will do well!

We had such a great time, and even spent some time swimming after the pool session.  I love my job!


My boy…

As he gets older, he gets harder to capture, and I’m sure it will only get worse.  So for every 100 images I snap of this enigma that my son is becoming I get about 10 images that I love, that show me his soul.  I’m sure, being a man, he’ll never EVER wear his heart on his sleeve again, but for now, I get to capture that 10% of the time.  For now.





Granny’s Towels…

After a shoot for Our State Magazine last week, I was left with several of Granny’s vintage towels and aprons, all of which needed to be washed.  I couldn’t resist a shoot, with some of my fresh mint and hydrangeas from the garden.  Makes me glad I’m able to preserve this part of her.



Just a little push…

I’ve been working so much lately, haven’t really had much desire to shoot anything extra, let alone anything pretty.   Well, this week, while on location with Our State Magazine, I decided to push just a bit further than the required shoot content, and catch some of my wonderful Hydrangea blooms I had brought from my yard as props.

I think that little extra moment of shooting turned out to be cathartic for me, because now I’m back in the groove, and ready to shoot some more personal work.  We’ll see…  the 6th month of pregnancy is starting to drain on me a bit, but there’s still a bit of energy left.

Hope you enjoy my beautiful blooms.  I’m so proud i can get these to grow!  lol


Rodanthe, NC

A little break, less than a week.  Spent a lot of time with my son, and had some wonderful relaxing moments, along with some super stressful ones.  I guess vacation is like that.

Hope your Easter break was wonderful.