Kaitlyn Seniors!

Fall is upon us, and you might think that because your school requires you to use a specific photographer to get into the yearbook, that you are required to do all of your senior portraits with them…NOT TRUE!!! Step outside of the box and find a photographer that will create a portfolio for you of images that move you, images that make you feel special, beautiful, and most of all, that images that reflect who you really are! Each location we choose is different, so nobody has the same backgrounds, nobody!
If you need hair and makeup, we can arrange for that. If you need help choosing clothing, let me know! It’s on, people! Let’s make 2012/13 an amazing year for Senior Portraits!
Here’s Kaitlyn’s debut… One of our ‘Model Portfolio’ senior sessions, and what an afternoon we had, as the sun began to set, Kaitlyn began to glow!
Hope to hear from you soon!